With only just over a week until Cursed Lands’ release day, I thought I’d introduce you all to the cast of Behind Glass.



She’s almost 18 years old but can’t remember anything before her 12th birthday. Well, except for one thing, her childhood friend’s bright blue eyes.

She’s fiesty yet naive. She gets a bit mean when she feels vulnerable but deep down she has an innate urge to protect those less fortunate.

She hates injustice. She loves caramel. She dreams of one day seeing the clear night sky from outside.

Oh yeah, and she’s also an angel with telekinetic powers.



You know that friend Eden remembers? Yeah, that’s Kai. One day, he shows up in Eden’s living room, half-naked and with no memory of his own.

He’s brave. Instinctively protective. And oh, so just.

He will go against an order to do what he thinks is right.

He’s a descendent of Archangel Michael, which means he loves a good fight and using his god-given muscles.

He’s also kinda sweet, like caramel.



“The Twins.” Zahra and Kobe are Eden’s best friends (especially Zahra) who live four floors down in the apartment block.

Kobe is empathic and often seen mimicking others movements to make them feel at ease. He calls Eden, “Eeds.”

Zahra goes everywhere with Eden and shares her love for the corner bakery. She often knows what Eden is feeling before Eden does.

These two are fiercely loyal, but hold a few secrets of their own.



Deacon is a Shield, a Nephilim with the ability to cast force fields and make others invisible to radar scans.

He’s serious. And broody. And oddly handsome, with his sharp jawline and cheek bones. On the exterior, he’s tough and hard to crack. But on the inside is a heart of loyalty and inner strength.

He sticks with those he trusts and would do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

He takes no crap. And I mean, no crap. He believes you have to be cruel to be kind.



Jia is a sweetheart. She’s an angel, literally and figuratively.

She’s a bit of a chatterbox and doesn’t know how to control her words. She also doesn’t understand personal boundaries that well, but that’s because she’s been locked in a cage most of her life.

Eden once asked her how she could be so positive after everything she’d been through, and her response was simple; “Because I’m not there anymore.”

Oh, and food, she loves all kinds of food.

And the others…

Alistair and Lacey - Eden’s adoptive parents, who know more than they let Eden know.
Annika - the mean and seemingly heartless leader of the Nephilim rebellion.
Harper - she’s important… and missing. If only Kai and Eden could remember who she was.
Wyatt - a descendent of the Angel of Death, with a heart of gold.

I loved writing this motley crew. And I can’t wait till you see them in action together. Pre-order Cursed Lands now, which includes Behind Glass plus 23 other stories. All for only .99c.

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Danielle Burrows