A dramatic, engaging story, with impressive worldbuilding and intriguing characters. Ray of Light is sure to appeal to young adults who love fast-paced SF books.
— MADELINE DYER, Amazon bestselling author of The Untamed Series.

Ray of Light


What if five minutes became five years?
What if friends became foes? 
What if every truth became a lie?

Yesterday, Nora worked at Palladium Enterprises with her closest friends, collecting orbs that have the power to protect and destroy.

Today, she's caught in a war.

One choice can change everything.

Even after darkness has crept throughout my body and threatened to leave me empty, I don’t feel hollow. Instead, a small sparkle of light glistens in the distance. And it’s called hope.
Elle Scott and her debut novel Ray of Light transformed me from a speculative fiction sceptic into a devotee.





Elle Scott lives in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia with her husband, two sons, three cats, and one big ball of fluff, Labrador.

Telling stories has always been a part of her. When she was young, it was her dream to be a famous actress, and she would spend hours playing “make believe” with her sister. Her wild imagination turned the everyday moments in life into extraordinary events. A long bus ride became an adventurous trek on the back of a horse galloping on the beach; or days spent in her backyard became days in the African Safari! Her imagination took her from her warm bed into a world where a vault can freeze time and orbs wield special powers. Her biggest thrill is taking her oddball dreams and making them a reality with words.

Elle also tells real stories for real people. She is a multi-award winning family photographer.

Elle hopes to one day run workshops for self-conscious women, to turn them from a wallflower into a wildflower and give them the confidence to chase their dreams with ferocity.


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