“Look out,” Kai yelled, reaching for her again.

He wasn’t quick enough, though. The man Eden had magically shot rushed into the conservatory and lunged for her. Her eyes widened as he tackled her to the ground with a thud. Her head cracked against the cold cement.

A line of crimson trickled through her brown hair. The sight of Eden pinned under this creature, struggling for breath as he crushed her with his weight, made Kai’s blood run cold. Rage fueling him, he lurched forward.

He slammed his hand around the back of the man’s neck, squeezing his fingers hard against the flesh. With only one hand, he lifted the monster off Eden. A low guttural moan rumbled from Kai’s throat as he stormed out of the conservatory and threw the man. As if he were a rag doll, the body tumbled through the air. It cleared the edge of the building and skidded across the roof of the next.

Kai waited with anticipation for any sign of life. An elbow jerked as the man struggled to rise, falling back down with shaking limbs. A hint of disappointment laced Kai’s voice as he turned around and grumbled, “Don’t these things ever die?”

Eden leaned against the doorway of the conservatory, gasping for air. She clasped the frame and stepped out, knees knocking. Her eyes flicked to the fire escape in silent alarm.

It was enough to alert Kai. He spun around in time to see the other two men breach the roof. By the time he realized they had guns, it was too late. Pain blossomed across his body as the bullets buried themselves into his body—one in his thigh, another in his stomach, and one right where his heart was.

Behind him, Eden’s scream echoed through the night. Warm blood poured; deep pain followed. Was this how it was always going to end? With half a memory and a hint of something meaningful? Were his God-given powers all for nothing?

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Danielle Burrows