Will her choice lead to peace, or will it lead to destruction?

A thirst for change and adventure led eighteen-year-old Nora Ray to Palladium Enterprises. Where, along with her team-mates, she is given the secret task to locate and retrieve power orbs. 

On a routine mission, she steps into a vault-like room and is frozen in time. Emerging five years into the future, she finds her friends on opposing sides of a war. While Nora struggles with who to trust, she is given a one-of-a-kind orb that transforms her desires into visible energy. She now holds the key to stopping the war.

But first she has a choice to make... Which side will she be on? ... And will her choice lead to peace or will it lead to destruction?

One choice can change everything.



The war hasn't ended, it's only just begun.

Nora is doing her best to live a normal life, but when three of her closest friends are kidnapped she is forced back into her role as The Incandescent to save them. A new, more powerful enemy, make their intentions clear; they want her as an asset and will do anything to get her on side, including hurt everyone she loves. 

In a desperate attempt to save her friends, Nora comes face to face with her past and uncovers a truth that challenges her very existence. Was she wrong about The Uprising all along?

One choice can destroy everything.



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The final book. 

It's time for the final choice.

Nora's confidence has skyrocketed since her Transcendence. She's ready to fill her role as The Incandescent. But as she embraces the burden of saving humanity, a darker threat looms. 

Nora needs help in preventing an unseen enemy from committing global genocide. But allies are hard to come by when Harbour Inc. publicly declare Nora's boyfriend, Miles, as the terrorist who planned the brutal attack on Serth City.

With all eyes on her, resistance stands in her way. This time, it isn't a small group or organisation; this time, it's the whole world. And it wants retribution.

Can she save the world before it destroys her?



Xander - short story.jpg

One moment is all it takes to change a life.

Xander's a normal teenager, who thinks about three things on repeat -- geology, basketball, and girls. Luckily, Xander is bored with normal and finds himself in the wrong place at the right time; seeing something civilians aren't supposed to. And soon, his biggest dilemma of whether he should go to a party with a girl he regrets sleeping with, turns into whether he should join a top-secret organisation that collect mysterious orbs.

XANDER: An Incandescent Short Story accompanies RAY OF LIGHT, the first book in The Incandescent Series written by Elle Scott. Taking place prior to the events of RAY OF LIGHT, Xander's story shows us how he came to work at Palladium and what fears he carried in with him. 

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