Shadow Guardians are humans with the ability to shape-shift into ethereal animal spirits. Their purpose is to protect humans from darkness.
But not all Guardians are good.

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Everything you know about Shape-shifters is a lie.

When 17-year-old Leila discovers a tattoo-like spiral on her arm, she learns she's been marked to become a Guardian. With fatal animal attacks and missing people on the rise, Leila fears that becoming a Guardian will turn her into a monster.

Leila confides in her supernatural-loving friend, Riley. As they work together to stop her from turning, they must also navigate their growing feelings for each other. But as the details of her mark become clearer, things get complicated—if she doesn’t find the person who scarred her and turn soon, Leila is marked for death. 

She must decide: to shift or die.

Combining the folklores of shifters, angels, and werewolves, Ever Marked is "Teen Wolf" meets "The Mortal Instruments", creating a new myth for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance lovers to sink their teeth into. Buy your copy to start the hunt today.

RELEASE DATE: 6th October, 2018

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